SORI: Voice from the Heart (2016)

Jan 27, 2016 117 min Watch Trailer

overview : While desperately searching for his missing daughter, Hae-kwan comes across an AI satellite robot that remembers sounds from all over the world. Rejuvenated by the robot's abilities, Hae-kwan begins to track down his daughter's voice. As they continue their journey, they form an unforgettable bond.
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Lee Sung-minHae-Gwan
Lee Hee-joonJin-ho
Lee Ha-neeJi-yeon
Kim Won-haeGoo-cheol
Chae Soo-binYoo-joo
Shim Eun-kyungSori (voice)
Ryu Jun-yeolUnderground Singer
Jeon Kuk-hwanPresident Go
Kwak Si-yangHyeon-soo
Jeon Hye-jinHyun-sook
Rie Young-zinYoo Seong-jin
Kang Jin-ahJang Geun-yeong
Nam Yeon-wooNIS agent
Lee Seung-joon-IIINIS agent

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