Angels & Demons (2009)

May 13, 2009 138 min Watch Trailer

overview : Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is recruited by the Vatican to uncover the link between the return of an ancient evil, the abduction of a priceless piece of equipment and the kidnapping of four cardinals on the night of the papal conclave.
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Tom HanksRobert Langdon
Ewan McGregorCamerlengo Patrick McKenna
Ayelet ZurerVittoria Vetra
Stellan SkarsgårdCommander Richter
Pierfrancesco FavinoInspector Olivetti
Armin Mueller-StahlCardinal Strauss
Thure LindhardtChartrand
David PasquesiClaudio Vincenzi
Cosimo FuscoFather Simeon
Victor AlfieriLieutenant Valenti
Franklin AmobiCardinal Lamasse
Curt LowensCardinal Ebner
Bob YerkesCardinal Guidera
Nikolaj Lie KaasMr. Gray
Carmen ArgenzianoFather Silvano Bentivoglio
Rance HowardCardinal Beck

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